Custom View for Tasks in Outlook 2010 - I want to combine Start Date and Due Date in one column or have a custom filter

Hi, I want to use Outlook as a work flow system. Meaning I want to creat a task or to-do and have  the following basic columns "Task Name", "Status Column", "Start Date" and "Due Date".
When I sort I want to see everything due first. Which means if the "Status" column is Not Started then the "Start Date" is the Column to sort by. But if the "Status" column says In Progress then the "Due Date" is the column to go by.
So the only 2 ways I can think to do this are to either have a custom column that has the Start date if the "Status" column is Not Started and the Due Date if the "Status" column is Not in Progress.
The second way would b to have a custom filter in the Manage Views.
I don't care how it is done I just want to see what I need to do next. And the date is deceptive because the task may have already been started.

I would also love to hear of any ideals you may have to be better organized in Outlook.

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Since you can change the filtering with the click of a mouse in Outlook,the easiest way to get what you want is a custom view.

Set up the view to group by status. That way you can choose which type of status items you want to see.

Then show both the start data and due date columns. If you are view items grouped under status 'not started' then click on the header 'Start date' to see the sort order.

If you are viewing items grouped under 'started', you can filter by due date.

If you want to go beyond this, you are into custom forms and a more complex environment to set up. You can create a new custom field on a custom form - which automatically updates itself to a date depending on status. But like I say it will need to be put on a custom form and published. Is it just for you or do you want to track other peoples tasks that you have set them?
I don't understand how this is related to MySQL database.  Can you clarify?
CitySunriseAuthor Commented:
I choose topics to get help to answer the questions. Since I may need a custom column I need someone who can write the statement. The statements are very similar to Transact SQL. It isn't the database I care about it is someone who works with it and has the skills to write the column. Someone who has ever written a stored procedure and had to convert dates could probably write what I needed. Why?

I don't need anyone else to have this just me.
A custom view would be fine to use but I think it still means a custom column unless I am missing something.
I did want to try to use a custom field to sort by, but when I have tried to build one I can't sort by it. And since they are dates and I would need to use a formula I don't know the syntax to exclude the time.
CitySunriseAuthor Commented:
I just reread my answer. I hope it didn't come across as rude.
CitySunriseAuthor Commented:
I believe what I really need can't be done in Outlook currently. But thanks for your reply.
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