Why 'Create Mailbox' menu is missing in Exchange System Manager?

Windows 2003 Activie Directory
Single domain multiple sites
Exchange 2003 server installed at HO site
dc+dns: dc02, IP=
exch02: exch02, IP=

I launch Exchange System Manager (ESM) and navigate to 'First Storage Group' under my server 'exch02', right click and choose 'New', only 'Public Store' and 'Mailbox Store' show up, no 'Mailbox'. Thus I am unable to create new mailbox from ESM.
Q#1. Anything wrong with my Exchange server?
Q#2. How to fix it?

Thanks a lot.
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You cannot create a new mailbox using Exchange System Manager. You need to open Active Directory users and computers, on the machine where Exchange is installed. Then right click the user account=> Exchange Tasks=> New mailbox and continue with the location for the mailbox and finish the process.

Initially the mailbox will not be visible in the Exchange system Manager under the mailbox store where you choose to store the mailbox. You need to send an email to this user mailbox that you just created, and only then it will be seen in Exchange System Manager under the mailbox store.
I believe that is normal and you should create mailboxes via Active Directory Users and Computers MMC
Just an addition to the previous explanation....

Mailbox Store is the home of a mailbox. So make sure you have mailbox stores created before trying to create a mailbox.

richtreeAuthor Commented:
thank you.
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