performance on Windows sbs 2k3 drags / crawls help

I have a small network with windows XP clients (5) and windows SBS 2k3.  All elements of SBS are very clean:

70% free disk space
13% fragmentation
exchange cleaned out
UCArchive empty
4 GB memory
6000 Swap file
Swap file has 3 fragments
no NIC errors

System appears to run fine... it's running the standard databases, and then a industry application database that checks out


users boot, once users trys to browse share(s) they lock up, no response, etc.  from the server console via RDP I can browse shares, folders etc.  But when users browse all hell breaks loose.  No real description or smoking gun to identify problem.  I even ran perfmon and disk que is 1-3% average disk length using default counters

Processor shows little or no overhead
little or no NIC overhead

checked process for virus / spyware / malware ... nothing....

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halejr1Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:
two things resolved this issue:

1. offloading was enabled on the NIC. Disabled this and performance increased exponentially
2. user profiles had been modified / customized incorrectly.  They were mapped to a different location, and not sure how this environment was originally setup, however went through deleted profiles and reset location to default and voila all works exceptional.

I will request closure of this item.
Is the SBS server listed as the primary DNS server? It must be the topmost DNS server and your network *must* be joined to the domain that the SBS server is running AD for.
Is your SBS server also your DHCP server or is your firewall your DHCP server. It could be that both are. Make sure that DHCP is running correctly by visually varifying the settings on each (sbs) DHCP enabled (firewall) device.
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What is your subnet mask on each client PC? It should be There is just a ton to look at but it's all easy to verify. What is your SBS lan IP and is it by chance running the SBS firewall ISA?
halejr1Author Commented:
yes, all DNS / DHCP, Subnet Mask is correct...

This network has been operational for years, and has been changes

something wicked this way comes.....

Thanks for your thoughts...

the crazy thing is all seems fine, until network browsing... or file share browsing... I've wondered if I could have a failing disk, but I can't find any ways to diagnose this without doing a diskchk and I'll need to shut the place down... (after hours)
halejr1Author Commented:
this resolves our issues
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