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we r using iomega store center ix2-200 for backup of computers data in 40 nursing each one has its separate one we have had a bad bad experience with iomega... mostly it says your disk is missing and data is on risk then we need to reboot it .it will usually detect the drive and start reconstructing raid mirror has been happening a lot and i don't know what triggers that...there has been other issues as well.....can some one plz tell the best and reliable network storage device in the market ???   i will appreciate it...
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What type of drives are you using in them. Sound more like a defective drive issue more so than the actual storage devices. You could build your own custom storage boxes with Openfiler or Freenas.
vagabond1214Author Commented:
its seagate drivers..if i can make up my own then am  i going to get web interface to configure it and would that be hardware raid ???
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