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I have 2 PCs on my network that on Thursday of last week (10/13) started having problems opening various applications.  On one PC, the user has a Dymo label printer connected and opend an application to set up the labels.  On the other, the user is having problems opening AOL Desktop and various Excel files saved directly to the desktop.  On both PCs, when trying to open these applications the OS freezes and the users must log off to kill the apps (they do not ever show up in Task Manager as Applications, and even after killing the respective images shown in the Processes tab, there is no change).  I have gone on each PC and seen that there were MS updates installed on 10/12.  I tried uninstalling these updates and restarting, which didn't help.  I then reinstalled the same updates, again with no change.  I then tried uninstalling and reinstalling the affected applications, resulting in the same outcome.  Should I attempt a restore?  Does anyone know of any recent MS updates that have caused these problems for some users?
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It doesn't sounds familiar to me, but I would start with the basics that you didn't mentioned:
- System restore,
- Free online virus scan (try something else other than your current antivirus)
- Windows update,
- Disable all unnecessary programs and non-microsoft services with msconfig to prevent conflicts.
- Sfc /scannow
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@ V4705

Ok I will try some of those things, thanks.
In this case, I would suspect the PC infected by virus and it changed the registry and tried to do something funny...... make sure the Anti-Virus is updated and perform a full scan, If still cannot, a reformat might be needed ..... Hope this help.
Dustin23IT DirectorAuthor Commented:
With the first PC, the DYMO application was conflicting with the .NET framework installed on the PC.  With the second one, I ran some updates, disabled a few unnecessary services, and ran sfc /scannow...everything seems to be working great now.  I'm not quite sure exactly what the issue was, but it's fixed now.  Thanks for the help!!
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