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I've just purchased a GuruPlug Plus, which I intend to install Ubuntu on.

Does anyone know of a compatible audio monitoring programme?

I would like to monitor the sound levels produced from a usb Mic input. (The basic idea is to monitor a barking dog and when its sound levels are over a certain volume take a picture with the webcam & record the time that the barking occurs)

I've found an example programme that does this in Windows (Audio Zone  Trigger ) but can't find one of a similar functionality for Linux.

I've never used Linux before either ... so I'm sure thats going to make it a tad harder!

Thanks in advance

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bedsingarConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Unable to find a suitable linux alternative as I want to be able to record sound so have instead used windows.

Thanks for your input.
Found an example at Stack Exchange. Haven't tested it so YMMV(VM). Replace the "amixer" commands with the command that takes a cam shot. The time of barking will be the time stamp of the camera capture file.
bedsingarAuthor Commented:
Unable to find suitable alternative, ended up using goldwave and a decibel recording trigger. Coupled with an exported list of cue points to create graphical data.
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