Creating A Small Visitor Network

I want to create a small wireless visitor network for my conference room.
I have a wireless router (DLink DIR-615)  that assigns all new users to a 10.2.x.x network
I want to then route their traffic through my Sonicwall (TZ-170) device which is a 10.1.x.x gateway.

I am not sure how to set up the routing paths to funnel all 10.2.x.x traffic through my Sonicwall.

Can this even be done?

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JJENSEN3Author Commented:
I put a switch just after the ISP router and placed my existing network firewall and my new visitor router off of the switch.
Salah Eddine ELMRABETTechnical Lead Manager (Owner)Commented:

How many Lan interfaces you have on your sonicwall? does it support secondary address or vlans?

If you have avalable ports on the sonicwall you can put on port on the same network with your router that will asign DHCP, create a new zone and configure the IP used for that port as default gateway in the router, also you have to configure rules in order to filter traffic.

JJENSEN3Author Commented:
I somewhat follow you, could you break apart, in a little more detail about the new zone and filtering traffic.

JJENSEN3Author Commented:
Other resources assisted me in the solution
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