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Using Address translation in Citrix Web interface. Unable to launch apps Externally

I wanted to test Address translation in web interface. I'm unable to launch published application externally. Here is my setup:

1. Two VMs in Xenserver: one acting as DC with IP and other VM is a Xenapp 6 Vm with IP address

2. Citrix license server and Web interface resides on a Vm workstation. This VM also acts as a NAT router with IP address and for external.

3. Can launch apps from the web interface server. Now I would like to test application externally so created a new VM in VM workstation with following IP address

4. Now I can ping web interface from my external network machine with and vice-versa.

Now when I launch the published application it doesn't launch as it gives usual message could not connect to xenapp.

Please note I have also made following in the web interface, access method as "Translated" and internal IP as and port 1494, external Ip as and port 1494

I tried to open ICA file both from internal and external network. It was pointing to 1494 (which is my Xenapp server understandably)

I have following questions:

1. Is my setup is correct or am I missing something?
2. Should I put Web interface internally say on the machine and use 192.168..6/ as a dedicated NAT router?
3. External IP and Internal IP on the web interface should be the NAT router's IP or Citrix server IP?
4. What is the port should I mention on the access method? Should that be 1494 or something else?
5. When I opened ICA from the external network machine, it pointed to, should that be something in 30.x.x.x range?

Please help!!!!
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2 Solutions
Dirk KotteSECommented:
1.yes, there are an error.
your translation shoul be internal IP as (not .6) and port 1494, external Ip as and port 1494
3. citrix server IP
4. 1494(ICA) and 2598 (Session reliability)
5. from extern your ica file should point to  30.x.x.x (possible this are correct if you repair the translation entry)
basrajAuthor Commented:
Thanks I fixed it.. I made sure NAT is done properly(where I had problems earlier). Also in external web interface, i did allow ports 1494 to Citrix servers. Finally it fixed.
basrajAuthor Commented:

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