Why Outlook is unable to resolve certain mailbox name?

Windows 2003 Activie Directory
Single domain multiple sites
Exchange 2003 server installed at HO site
dc+dns: dc02, IP=
exch02: exch02, IP=

There are a few mailboxes (busr1, busr2) who have problems with Outlook, a few mailboxes (gusr1, gusr2) that do not have problems with Outlook.
pusr1 is able to login through OWA and send/receive emails
pusr1 is able to login on domain workstation pc1;
when setting up Outlook using gusr1, Outlook can resolve the mailbox name;
when setting up Outlook using busr1, Outlook cannot resolve the mailbox name; The error message: 'The name cannot be resolved. The name cannot be matched to a name in the address list.'

Login to exch02 and launch ESM\Recipients\All Global Address Lists\Default Global Address List\Properties\Preview 'see' gusr1, gusr2, cannot 'see' busr1, busr2. The filter rule is to include 'Users with Exchange mailbox'.
I create a new GAL using the same rule, I see both busr1, busr2, gusr1, gusr2. When I click 'Finish' and open again, busr1 and busr2 disappear, but gusr1 and gusr2 still show up.

Q#1. Why Outlook cannot resolve busr1 mailbox while OWA still works?
Q#2. How to fix it without creating busr1 mailbox again?
Q#3. Why busr1 and busr2 show up and disappear in the Address list Preview of GAL?

Thanks a lot.

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I would check the properties of busr1 and make sure that the "Hide from Global Address List" is not enabled.
are you able to resolve the exchange server name correctly from the clients?
richtreeAuthor Commented:
also, from the same domain workstation, same IP/DNS setting, Outlook is able to resolve gusr1 but not busr1.
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what version of outlook?
richtreeAuthor Commented:
outlook: 2003
from pure logical perspective, exchange version and outlook version do not seem to have anything to do with the issue.
can you create any other profiles on that same computer?
richtreeAuthor Commented:
Unhide it from GAL is the trick. Thanks a lot.
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