Windows 7 Remote Desktop Client - Missing Username/Password Fields

I'm running Windows Small Business Server 2011 and attempting to connect remotely from a windows 7 machine. When I login to the "Remote Web Access" I am able to see a list of my workstations and click connect. Well when I click connect everything goes as normal until I'm prompted for my credentials. The security dialog box opens up but it is missing the Username & Password fields that I normally see on all my other computers. I've included a screenshot of what this looks like. No other machines are having this problem and my server has been added as a trusted CA.

The blanked out RD Gateway server is a fqdn and remote computer is the name of the workstation I'm attempting to connect to.  Error Message
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Might try deleting Default.RDP in the user's My Documents folder... Might be hidden, dont remember off the top of my head...
try from a run command:
mstsc /v remote_computer_name                                      - use the /f at the end for fullscreen if needed
Look in the Credential Manager (off the Start Menu's search box), and see if you have anything stored for these resources....
uescompAuthor Commented:
I'll check the credentials manager, I don't think there's anything in there though.

I can't use the command line since it's a RDP file being supplied by the server's "Remote Web Access" page. I've looked at the RDP file and can't find anything that might cause this problem.

It's weird. It's only occurring on this specific computer. I have no problems on any other machines running 7, including the same exact mstsc version.
I would like to know, if possible, what the actual solution to this problem was? I'm experiencing the exact same issue except with Outlook. Grasping at straws, trying to get some ideas.

The issue I'm having is also a "Windows Security" window that is asking for a password but has no field to enter the password.
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