Outlook 2010 Reply to All

Remote user using Outlook 2010 for PC on WIndows 7 with Exchange 2007.

When an email comes in with multiple recipients, he can reply to sender.

When he hits reply to all, he gets a message saying he needs to be connected to MS Exchange Server to complete the action.

All was working for a long time until this weekend. We did a disaster recovery drill and used SCR to move the email back and forth between servers (successfully).

His profile is set correctly.

Everyone else is working OK.
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charliebananasConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Issue is resolved.

We uninstalled RDP over HTTPS and Outlook Anywhere and reinstalled both. Problem solved.
Can you access the OAB?, take a look at this article http://community.spiceworks.com/topic/146589-outlook-2010-rpc-over-http-reply-all
charliebananasAuthor Commented:
Link was not working when I tried. Site has maintenance.
Ok not to worry but try downloading the oab, I imagine there will be some sort of error

How to
1.Go to Send / Receive - Send/receive Groups - Download Address Book.
2.In the new window, click on OK.
3.When the Outlook Send/Receive Progress window disappears, the address book will be done downloading.
charliebananasAuthor Commented:
We tried the Off line Address book as recommended but that was not the answer
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