Find the SharePoint 2010 Thesaurus File?

I have a single SharePoint 2010 server install (using SQL Server), and am trying to locate the Thesaurus file to influence search. I only have one Search Service.

Based on this article:

Manage thesaurus files (SharePoint Server 2010)

... I should find it in the following directory. However, I don't see a folder that matches the GUID:

C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office Servers\14.0\Data\Office Server\Applications\<GUID>\Config

If I do Get-SPServiceApplication, I see the Search Service Application has a GUID of:

If I do Get-SPEnterpriseSearchService, I see the SharePoint Server Search has a GUID of:

However the only two GUIDs/folders I see in that directory are:
- 65d769fe-723d-4b9a-9ece-3b7a9fd2f311
- cf591361-179b-47b7-a2ec-98f4b823b9fe

How can I locate where the SharePoint 2010 Search Thesaurus file is at?
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jessc7Author Commented:
I ran Process Monitor [1] on the server, watching for file access when performing a search from the Search Center. I was able to save off and search the log for "tsenu.xml", and discovered which Thesaurus file it was using. For trivia, it was the 65d769fe-723d-4b9a-9ece-3b7a9fd2f311 folder.

Process Monitor
jessc7Author Commented:
I figured it out.
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