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Need help with DAvg field

I have a form which has two text boxes (short date fields) on it.    One is named txtStart and the other txtEnd.  Also on the form is a 3rd text box.  I want this 3rd text box to populate with a calculated number value when the 2nd date field has been updated.
This 3rd text box, the calculated field, needs to be a DAvg calculation but the syntax has me stumped.
It needs to be something like:

MyTxtfield = DAvg (Sum of [Hours] from tblJobLabor) / (Sum of [LaborQuantity] from tblJobLabor where [LCCN] is between 15205 and 15211) where UpdateDate is between Me.txtStart and Me.txtEnd

For reference LCCN is a number field.  
Can someone help?
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1 Solution
Try this:

Dim dblTotalSum as double
Dim dblSumWCriteria as double

dblTotalSum = DSum("Hours","tblJobLabor")
dblSumWCriteria= DSum("LaborQuantity","tblJobLabor","(LCCN BETWEEN 15205 and 15211) AND (UpdateDate BETWEEN #" & me.txtStart & "# AND #" & me.txtEnd & "#))

IF dblSumWCriteria = 0 then
   MyTextField = 0  '<-- Prevents divide by zero errors
    MyTextField = dblTotalSum / dblSumWCriteria
End if
SteveL13Author Commented:
This line must have an issue...  (turns red in the VBA code window)

dblSumWCriteria = DSum("LaborQuantity","tblJobLabor","(LCCN BETWEEN 15205 and 15211) AND (UpdateDate BETWEEN #" & me.txtStart & "# AND #" & me.txtEnd & "#))

Sorry -  it was missing an end quote.

dblSumWCriteria = DSum("LaborQuantity", "tblJobLabor", "(LCCN BETWEEN 15205 and 15211) AND (UpdateDate BETWEEN #" & Me.txtStart & "# AND #" & Me.txtEnd & "#)")
SteveL13Author Commented:
Nice work!  Thanks.

Glad to help out.

You've had a couple of questions lately about Domain Aggregate Functions... this article by Jim Dettman about DLookup and the Domain Functions might be a good read for you:


If you do find it helpful, please be sure to click the "Yes" voting link at the top of the article.

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