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I want to implement a voting aspect to the flash wall 3d. Is that possible?

I would like to create an image gallery where users can view images in various categories.

There will be a category list and when the user clicks a category the wall is populated with images.

Users can then click on an image to further inspect.

Then users can vote (thumbs up/down) on each image. This voting tally is stored.

The user can then pick another category and the wall is populated again.

Desired important features:

-updated by XML
-sortable by category
-sortable by over all rank
-option to display all images in catalog, not just category.
-zoomable navigation look/feel of 3D Wall

I look forward to completing this project, but I just don't know if 3D Wall is customizable like that. Nor do I know the direction to go.

Can someone outline what will be needed to complete such a project and point me in the right direction?

1 Solution
What you're describing requires server-side scripting - PHP, ASP, JSP, etc., and would also require a database (like MySQL).

Any time you want to save information that persists beyond the current page view, you need server-side programming.  A simple voting system wouldn't be that complicated, but you'll need to know what technologies are available on your server (PHP vs ASP for example, MySQL vs MSSQL, etc).

Some of the requirements you've listed (sortable, filterable) are possible without server-side scripting or a database, but in general "should" be done that way.

The XML requirement would probably not work - an XML file like that serves as a mini-database, but can't be written to directly.  Generally what happens is:

1.  Data is stored in a database.
2.  A request is made to the server, and a server-side script will connect to the database and fetch the data.
3.  That information is output as XML.
4.  That XML is consumed by ActionScript and the view state is updated.

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