outlook 2010 not appearing

my outlook 2010 was working just fine on my computer until today. there were some windows updates that took place and now whenever i open outlook it shows its open at the bottom, but the window never appears and i cannot get it to show. using win7 64bit.

i uninstalled office 2010 and re installed it, still same issue.

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BAmillerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Okay, datatechdc – let’s move on to the next step and see if we can make any further progress . . .

First – are you behind an Exchange Server? And if so, what version? Or, are you on a stand-alone PC using simple POP-3 through an ISP?  

If the latter, then I would agree with Exchange9 as the next viable option -- create another user account in Outlook and try that as follows:

•      Open Control Panel
•      From the upper right Categories drop-down, choose Large Icons
•      Choose Mail (32-bit)
•      Choose E-Mail Accounts
•      Chose “repair” first and that does not work, choose “remove” (then add new user account and try again)

If those steps work, then please award all 500 points to Exchange9 as that is a viable fix to many Outlook issues.  If it does not work, then try this next:

Temporarily disable any / all Firewall – Antivirus programs from your computer
Temporarily disable UAC (User Account Control) from your computer

Start ==> run ==> Outlook / resetnavpane

This is actually an “old” XP-type fix that is basically the same as creating a new XML profile.  

Any luck yet?  

However, if you are behind an Exchange Server on a DC, let me know – as there are an entirely new set of issues that need to be explored along with an entirely different set of possible solutions for that scenario. However, second step next for now  . . .

Hope this helps!

I've run into this before and the culprits were always traced-back to various "add-ons" that Outlook runs when starting - sometimes up to a dozen or more, depending upon what apps are installed on your W7-64 machine.

First things first - try and see if you can start Outlook 2010 in Safe-mode

Start --> run --> type: outlook / safe

If Outlook runs in Safe Mode, then the next thing is start going one-by-one through your add-on's until you find the offending culprit.


From within Outlook 2010, click in File ==> Options ==> Add-ins


At the very bottom of that window, click on the "Go" button next to "Manage - COM-Add-ins


Make note of which Add-ins are checked "ON"


Then, go back and un-check them all


Exit Outlook and try to run the program in standard mode - does it open now?   If so, then you know that one / more of those add-ins is the culprit
From there, its just a matter of going back one-by-one and checking one add-in at a time.  Load Outlook to see if it runs Okay, then go to the next one and on and one you go.  You should be able to narrow down the offending add-on that way.

However, if you can't open Outlook in Safe Mode, then let me know and we'll trying something else.  First things first . . .

Just to be on the safe side, create another user account and try out using Outlook.

I use outlook 2010 and whenever ms issues an update to their office products, I will go to control panel --> programs & features --> select outlook and select repair. It works for me.
datatechdcAuthor Commented:
outlook safe mode worked, but none of the add ons seem non-microsoft related. let me uncheck and see what happens
datatechdcAuthor Commented:
ok i pulled it up in safe mode and disabled all of the add ins, still not working. uninstalled and reinstalled the software still not working
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