How to view a PowerPoint slideshow when a user does not have MS PowerPoint


Is there a way to convert a PowerPoint slideshow into a form that someone can view on their computer if they do not have PowerPoint?  

For example, I believe that Windows Photo Viewer has come with the last few versions of Windows.  Therefore, can a series of PowerPoint slides be converted into regular images and viewed in Windows Photo Viewer?  Of course each slide can be captured and saved as a screenshot individually but that seems quite cumbersome and time-consuming.  Is there a way to convert the .ppt file in one step to make that possible?

Is there an easier or simpler way to accomplish the same thing?

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Echo_SConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Sure. Just use File | Save As and choose a picture type (JPG, PNG, etc.) from the Save as Type dropdown.

Dump those into Windows Movie Maker and create a movie or send the images or whatever.

PPT 2010 also has a Save As Movie option.
you can also save it as a PowerPoint show (.pps or .ppsx) to make it into an uneditable show.
You can also try downloading PowerPoint Viewer.
You would have to have the PPT Viewer in order to view a PPS file on a computer that doesn't have PowerPoint. PPS does not include a viewer.
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PowerPoint Viewer is free, and can also be packaged with the slideshow if you use the "package for cd" option.
Yes, the Viewer is free. There are links to various versions of it here:

I don't mean to argue with etech0, but I do want to ensure that the information is not incomplete. Using Package for CD doesn't magically make something the recipient can view on the other end unless they have specific software installed -- namely, the free PowerPoint Viewer.

If you are working with a 2007-2010 format file -- that is, one that uses extension PPTX or PPSX -- then you need the 2010 Viewer to open this type of file. The 2010 Viewer must be downloaded and installed by the recipient.

If you are using PowerPoint 2007, you can Package for CD, which uses the 2007 Viewer, but it actually saves your PPTX/PPSX to PPT/PPS (which is 97-2003 format) when you Package for CD. This sometimes causes odd problems with playback. Also, you wouldn't have anything special to send to the user -- they'd still need to install a Viewer; even if you included it in the Package for CD process the recipient must still install it.

PowerPoint 2003's Package for CD will use the 2003 Viewer, but it will only open 97-2003 format files -- that is, PPT or PPS files. And you still have to send the Viewer files either on a CD (where it will run from a CD), or have the user download and install it.

The thing here is, none of these options creates a one-file package that is easy for the end user to deal with. You might as well just send them a link to the 2010 Viewer, tell them to download and install that, and then send them a PPT, PPS, PPTX or PPSX file to view in the 2010 PowerPoint Viewer.

Mostly what I do in this situation is Covert the whole PPT into PDF file. It is smaller files.

During presentation / projection i use full screen mode of the PDF viewer and use PgUp/PgDown to navigate.

This method is good if your ppt has no Audio or video in it. And yes, there will be no animation either.
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