W8K Terminal Server can not Ping machine on VPN Lan

Trying to find this one for a while.  32Bit W8K Terminal server latest SP.
We have two domains  A: 192.168.1.x and B:192.168.20.x across a VPN, high latency up to 300mc. Using DNS for both sides and also Wins for netbios.  Records all loaded up .
Problem: when trying to access a server from domain A to B from a terminal server it is very slow and sometimes fails, but only from the terminal server.
When I do a ping on the TS the IP is resolved to the correct IP but then times out.
Then I do a tracert and the system will resolve in around 700-1000ms.
Do a ping agiain and now the system name resolves from the TS OK.
All other servers Win3K and Win8K do not have this issue and always resolve the ping right away.  
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What is your bandwidth speed?  use www.speedtest.net for down and uploads.
fullermetricAuthor Commented:
That's not the problem.  The sytems resolve fine from the other servers.  The RDP connections across the VPN run great, file transfers are up to 300kbps.
By the example you mention it seems that both systems do not know the route to each other until the tracert, I would suggest adding some routing to the client so it can define the right path to that specific host.
If you have more than one gateway within A or B networks this can create a lot of issues with what you want to do.

route print <----- will give you the default routing the host has

route add mask gateway YourIPGatewayOfTheVPNInterface metric 2    <--- will add a defined route for that network to your specific gateway, try this and if this ficxes it then upon reboot run it again adding -p to the coomad (route -p ADD ....) to make it persistent across boots, if it doesn't fix your issue then  you can delete the route with
route delete

if you don't want/like to modify routing on a specific machine then you would have to do this routing on the netwrok hardware (router)

fullermetricAuthor Commented:
Thought of that already, but we are just pointing at the same default gateway.
Tried is with the same result.
A ping will fail but if I do a   Run \\servername then the system resolves fine.
I seem to remember a similar behavior from my Terminal Servers on the LAN also.  Maybe some kind of GPF setting.  Everything is working fine now other than the Ping.

OK. found the iissue, kind of stupid of me not to think of this.
The ping test does not wait long enough for the initial connection to be established,
Did a ping -w 10000 Servername and it resolved and worked.

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fullermetricAuthor Commented:
Figured it out.
In a high latency situaiton the ping command needs to wait longer for the initial connection to be established though the VPN than normal.
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