Crystal Reports Basic for Visual Studio 2008 & Server 2008

Hello Experts,

I am trying to install Crystal Reports Basic for Visual Studio 2008 x64 Redistributable Package (64 bit) on Server 2008 Foundation Edition 64 bit. The MSI launches looks like its installing then disappears without any error messages or info message about completing the install.

Then I try to launch my app that is dependent on this MSI and the app fails, so the MSI didn't complete successfully . I tried a different Server 2008 machine as well with the same results.

Any ideas?

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I've never tried to install that, so I can't offer any specific advice.  All that I can offer is some generic things.

  Do you have any AV software running that might be blocking the installation?  My AV software usually tells me when something is trying to do something "restricted", so that I can give it permission, but I've had situations where it just kept something from installing, without giving me any errors or prompts.

 Even more basic, does your login have the required permissions to install the software?

 If that doesn't help, then hopefully someone that's familiar with that particular package will join in.

triphenAuthor Commented:
No AV installed. Logged in as Administrator.

Did you run this directly or did you right click and use the RUN AS capability.

On my Vista machine when I run VB6, I have to start new projects using RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR if I want to add new references or files to the project.  After I have that all set, I can just run VB6 or double click the project file.

It seems even though I am the in the adminstrator groupand the only user of the machine, I seem to not have full admin rights unless I use the RUN AS capability

triphenAuthor Commented:

As far as I know only executables have Run As Admin capabilities. The packages I am trying to installing is an MSI file, which doesn't have the Run As Admin function.
Did you actually find a solution for this?  If so, can you tell us what it was?  It might help someone else.  If not, and our suggestions didn't help, you could ask to have the question deleted.

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