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Google Analytics not working on my non ASCII Caracters domain name

We have about 20 websites made in Joomla and we are using google analytics for all of them.
We have now made a 1 page website called http://www.volontärarbete-afrika.se but google analytics will not count the visits

I am using the google analytic plugin  for joomla and in google analytics it says that it is collecting data.

There are only 2 differences on this page compare to all the other joomla sites we have

1. Its only 1 page website. No menu, just one article publised on the front page
2. Domain name is using non ASCII Caracters in domain name

Can anyone give me some advise or ideas what I should look for.
Anyone else had this problem?

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1 Solution
Did you setup the profile with the punycode version of your domain name?

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morten444Author Commented:
I first used  www.volontärarbete-afrika.se and could not get it to work

Then I tried www.xn--volontrarbete-afrika-gzb.se in google analytics. It created it correct and also said that it can read the data but nothing when i visit the page. Its like it does not register it

Can you confirm that in Google Analytics you have to setup non ASCII Caracters domain name using the punycode version of the domain name instead of the swedish caracters?

Kind Regards
If you want to use In-Page Analytics and the URL for your website includes characters that are not part of the standard UTF-8 character set, you need to use a punycode translation of your URL when you create a profile. In-Page Analytics can correctly identify your page using the punycode URL, but your real URL will be the one that is displayed in the report.
If you don't see immediate results for your domain after changing to punycode, just give it some time.

morten444Author Commented:
Very fast and very detailed answer with good links. Thanks alot

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