perl, How spawn inside a backtick or system

I am "root" and I am running perlscript (so running as root), and I want to switch user (su) to another user, and spawn a shell program.

My best attempt is, but it is not spawning my myshellprogram, but it is sending & as a parameter into the myshellprogram instead.

`su - user1 /home/myshellprogram &`;

I am willing to accept answer in anyforms:
exec, system, or backticks
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In a way like this, you would be better off with:
system('su - user1 "/home/myshellprogram &")

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or even
exec('su - user1 "/home/myshellprogram &")

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- especially if you fork.
Also, you may want to read here:
you should first su and then run the command like this:
su user1;  /home/myshellprogram &`;

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Or you could could modify the file right to suid user1
chown user1  /home/myshellprogram
chmod 4755  /home/myshellprogram

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and then you dont need to do the su ever again.
rgbcofAuthor Commented:
It was syntactically incorrect, but after fixing it. It worked.
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