in explorer in my local area network setting the automatically dectect settings, checkmark is always seleted?

in explorer in connections, then lan settings the  local area network setting  the automatically dectect settings, in the automatic configuration check mark is always selected even when I deselected, sometimes it comes again immediately and sometimes it will come in a day or so, but always the check mark will come back.
The are in a network and all the machines have the same symptom.
I use a proxy server for lan.
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Em ManConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Lenny Thanks;

Here's the setup using the ISA Server Management Console.
Em ManCommented:
May I ask what you're Proxy is?

some Proxy can force the IE to have a default configuration like ISA.
Em ManCommented:
also Domain Policy. you might check it as well.
lennykatzAuthor Commented:
is a ISA server, how i get rid of that default configuration?
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