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Blackberry 6.0 OS Corrupted

I recently had issues with my Blackberry syncing to e-mail (Lotus Notes). During this problem I upgraded my phone from 5.0 to 6.0 using Desktop Manager. Everything seemed to be fine as it was upgrading. My phone still would not sync with Lotus Notes after the upgrade. Our Mobile Support Vendor had me wipe my Blackberry (just e-mail and contacts option) and moved me to a new BES. The sync issue went away.

The issue is that when I delete an e-mail on the Blackberry it doesn't delete on Lotus Notes. When I delete an e-mail on Lotus Notes, it deletes on the Blackberry. Our Mobile Support Vendor told me this is a simple setting to change on the phone. I go into Messages --> Menu Key --> Scroll down to Options. When I hit options nothing happens. Pulling the battery does not help.

After hours of troubleshooting, I was told my upgrade to 6.0 somehow got corrupted. The answer is to do a factory reset and upgrade to 6.0 after enterprise activation, etc. Is there another way to fix this problem without a factory reset??

[Blackberry Bold 9650]
1 Solution
first switch to old os version and then update the os version in version 6 then activate the entereprise activation
OS install:
Try to re-install the Old version 5 or install the new OS 6 using Desktop Manager.
When you connect to the Desktop Manager it will check for the new version or build.
click on that, and re-install.

this may be usefull--


If the OS is not installing properly and still if you got error, Wipe the Device using the JL_Cmder. Follow the below link


Once OS installed, and Enterprise Activation also done, you have to make sure the below settings:

On the BB device:
Message (or on the click on the Email account)-Options, Email Reconciliation::

Delete On: Mailbox & Handheld
Wireless reconcile: On
On Conflicts: Mailbox wins

Go to Lotus Notes, change a flag in Lotus Notes. Go to File->database properties and select the last tab and check the reconsiliation tab. Should work after that.
Also Select the i tab and check the On-Disk Structure (ODS) version (in IBM Lotus Domino 6.0, the ODS version is 43).

Let me know ......
ITGeneralistAuthor Commented:

I downloaded the latest version of Blackberry Desktop Manager. I also downloaded the latest version of the Blackberry OS. In desktop manager I click on update and it says there are no availabke updates. When I click on view other versions, the only option is the most current OS (6.0) which is already installed. If I hit the install button will it re-install the OS and potentially fix the problem?

I just don't want to brick my phone and have to call the Mobile Support Vendor. I'm worried that when re-installing the OS I will wipe out e-mail, etc. and force me to start over. In other words, if I wanted to start over I would just call the Mobile Support Vendor and do a factory reset/wipe.

 blackberry desktop manager
Yes, it will re-install the same OS. If you have BlackBerry Protect which can be downloaded form Appworld, download it and use it for taking backup. it will synchronize data with your contacts and etc. once you re-install the OS, you can use that BlackBerry Protect to restore again. If you want to take support from, Mobile Vendor, you can contact them, But just you are re-installing the OS. and also i provided the above if you are facing any issues, while re-installing the OS.
ITGeneralistAuthor Commented:
I don't have the blackberry app world anymore. Perhaps that is something else corrupted during the upgrade to 6.0. If I re-install the OS without backing anything up, will I have to do enterprise activation?

Keep in mind the only thing I need backed up is my contacts. I use Google sync to back them up so I am not worried.

My hope is that I can just install the blackberry OS on top of the current corrupted OS without having to do enterprise activation. I have a feeling this isn't possible....

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