Using a table with a program in multi uses environment

I need to record my applications errors in a free table file.
When i start the main program I start my on error() routine, within it I use a table in order to record my applications errors.
The first user runs fine when the second starts using the application he gets an error " file is in use".
is there something i could do?
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CaptainCyrilFounder, Software Engineer, Data ScientistCommented:
When you record an error on a network you need to have the file shared in access mode. So maybe you are opening the file before SET EXCLUSIVE OFF. What you need to do is this: USE ERROR SHARED.

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Olaf DoschkeSoftware DeveloperCommented:
Cyril most likely is right. Also consider even if you do SET EXCLUSIVE OFF, this setting needs to be redone for every new datasession, it's NOT a general setting.

There's a slight chance for something else: Even if you use your error dbf shared, an error "file is in use by another user" can occur, so the question is, do you have error 3 or 108? Report the error number additional to the error message to see what exact error you have. The difference is, you'll also get this with shared use, if a write locks the header for a moment. If you do transactions that could even last longer than you want, if you forget to end it. Close the dbf after writing the error in it, close/rollback all tranactions even before opening it. Also the initial error leading to the error handling could be during a transaction.

Bye, Olaf.
I also recommend to open/close error file when an error occurs, I just don't agree with SET EXCLUSIVE OFF necessity.

SET EXCLUSIVE OFF is default for private data sessions but the best practice is to place the EXCLUSIVE/SHARED keyword into each USE command as Captain recommended.

Your error points to the locked file header. If you SET TABLEVALIDATE TO 0 before opening then the error should disappear BUT it does not ensure the new error writability because of the pending lock.

If the error occurs during a transaction then you should just ensure the error.DBF is a free table which also means "outside" the transaction obviously.
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