SIP trunking solution for Contact Centre

I'm reviewing a SIP trunking solution for Contact Centre for about 1000 agents spread out across 8 sites. In a nutshell, there will be CUBE interfacing to ITSP with SIP trunks. All all contact centre agents on branch sites will be using these SIP trunks to talk to the outside world. Just wondering if anybody had the experience of using this model and encountered any issues ? Likewise, any issues encountered by using SIP as VOIP protocol.

Appreciate your feedback.

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Steve JenningsConnect With a Mentor IT ManagerCommented:
Not sure what CUBE is . . . so each contact center will connect (CUBE?) to the ITSP? How is that connection made? MPLS? Leased line? Public Internet? So you are sharing trunks between the contact centers by connecting them all to the ITSP?  How are the inbound calls routed? Any available agent at any contact center? How do you control this? What's your backup plan if the ITSP fails?

Use a reputable SIP trunking provider . . .not third tier provider. Use someone that's been recommended.

Good luck,
nabeel92Author Commented:
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