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Need cron job to delete files every month first week Saturday.

Hi experts,

Below is the my corn job Not working :-(. Its deleting file ever Saturday.

0 1 1-7 1-12 6 rm /srv/www/upload_doc/*

My requirement is Every moth first week of Saturday only the files need to be deleted. In above cron stanza what i m missing. pleas help.


2 Solutions
This usual solution is something like, first write a wrapper script that will run somecommand only if the day of the month is 7 or less:

#! /usr/bin/ksh
day=$(date +%d)
if ((day <= 7)) ; then
   exec somecommand
exit 1

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Then run the wrapper every Saturday: "0 0 * * 1 wrapper"
Or all in one:

0 1 * * 6 [ $(date "+\%d") -le 7 ] &&  rm /srv/www/upload_doc/*

Note the backslash ("\") in front of the percent ("%") sign! It's very important under cron.

If you'd like to test on the command line however, you must remove it, since outside cron it will be considered an error.

MaddyUNIXAuthor Commented:
As always wmp rocksssssssss
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