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How to tackle the email issue

Hi , I got a situatin were people are saying they are getting an email from me selling them vigra when infact I have not send them any email ? Does this mean my email is hijacked and if so how to tackle this issue , thks in advance
2 Solutions
The only thing you can do at this point is change your Hotmail password to something secure, and let your contacts know that spam/spoofed mails are coming from your address.

Once the contact list has been compromised, there is nothing you can do on your end to prevent spoofed mails being sent that appear to be "from" you.
SteveIT ManagerCommented:
Also email hotmail support/raise a ticket to inform them of the problem/s that you are experiencing
Well this is a tricky one.
The "viagra" emails may in fact not at all come from your hotmail account - consider the following fictive scenario:

Amanda has a virus on her computer.
The virus sends emails randomly spoofing to originate from persons in her contact list (e.g. you), to random recipients in her address book (maybe other than you).
Bob is a person in her contact list.
Bob receives an email about "viagra", which appears to originate from "you".

So there isn't much you can do...
hnaelAuthor Commented:
thanks ,thats a good explanation , and what is the best way to know if you pc or laptop has got a virus ? you can comment only if you want .
"the best way to know if you pc or laptop has got a virus", again a tricky one!
My advice is a good antivirus product.
I recommend the free (but very good) Microsoft Security Essentials "MSE" http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/security_essentials/default.aspx

However if you believe (or there is a chance) your computer is already infected, then it won't do much good installing any antivirus while you have already lost control of the computer and whatever is being installed. In such case you'd need to do an "offline" scan, i.e. one where you boot from another media (such as a CD, DVD or USB stick) than the computers harddisk.
Unfortunately (to my knowledge) MSE doesn't give you the option for offline scanning, but Microsoft has a beta product named "Microsoft Standalone System Sweeper": http://connect.microsoft.com/systemsweeper

You may of course also find other offline scanning products for free via your favorite search engine (whichever it is).

Kind regards,

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