Hyper-V server snapshot location no longer exists.... how can I delete a snapshot the server thinks it has?

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I have a Windows Server running Hyper-V with 3 virtual servers hosted on it. 2 of these 3 servers are live and important to the operation of my work, the 3rd is not and I am trying to move it to a development box.

No problem, of course, until I noticed that Hyper-V thinks this server has a snapshot on a location that doesn't exist. It refers to a snapshot sitting on a local drive that isn't there - and this "phantom" snapshot is preventing me from moving the server to the dev box I want it on.

My question is this - is there any way I can delete this snapshot without damaging either the Hyper-V config or the 2 live servers that are staying put so that I can move this 3rd server?

With very many thanks.
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kevinhsiehConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The safe thing to do is to Ghost/clonezilla all of the data off the existing VHDs to new VHDs, and then move the new VHD(s) to the dev box. Rebuild the VM on the dev box and attach it to the existing VHDs that you copied over. When all is well, delete the VM from the original host.
mgosden33Author Commented:
Having read that entire page twice now, unless I am really not awake yet this morning, it doesn't cover the problem I have explained regarding the snapshot location no longer existing, therefore preventing the "delete snapshot" option from working.
Svet PaperovIT ManagerCommented:
You cannot move the server without the snapshot. I don't know how you've come to this situation but if you are missing the AVHD file of the snapshot you are missing part of the VM. You can copy the existing VHD file and create a new VM from it but it will be in a state before the snapshot has been taken.
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