Need Proper Number Format in SQL Reporting Services

The following statement returns a good value with the proper currency symbol and number format:
=Trim(Fields!CurrSymbol.Value) & FormatNumber (Sum(Fields!Unapplied_Amount.Value + Fields!Payment_Amount.Value, "MVTSStandardStatement"),2)

The following statement returns the data i am looking for but uses the wrong currency symbol:
=RunningValue((Fields!Unapplied_Amount.Value + Fields!Payment_Amount.Value), Sum, Nothing)

I would like to combine these 2 statements so the return will be the proper data in the proper format.  Below is the format I thought would work, but I receive the word #error when I run the report.
=RunningValue(Trim(Fields!CurrSymbol.Value) & FormatNumber((Fields!Unapplied_Amount.Value + Fields!Payment_Amount.Value), 2), Sum, Nothing)
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ExpertLogin_890Connect With a Mentor Commented:
please check below link may it help you to resolve your problem

Try to convert this statement with string and then combine both string
FormatNumber((Fields!Unapplied_Amount.Value + Fields!Payment_Amount.Value), 2), Sum, Nothing)
ortherAuthor Commented:
=Trim(Fields!CurrSymbol.Value) & FormatNumber(RunningValue((Fields!Unapplied_Amount.Value + Fields!Payment_Amount.Value), Sum, Nothing),2)

This is what actually worked.
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