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We have 2 Locations where Firewall VPN is running, DC running on Mumbai location and i want to install ADC on Bangalore Location, Please tell me how to install ADC on Bangalore location.
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Did you get the connectivity issue resolved???
Madan SharmaConsultantCommented:
you can do install your server on your local network as ADC and then shipped it to Bangalore and make sure all necessary ports are allow from you DC to ADC for further communication to check port list visit

you can also download the guide for ti from this link:-
Also check this link
it will be helpful for you

1) Make sure that both locations are connected and reachable (network)
2) Install Windows server, add to domain, check all necessary permissions for administrator and run the DCPROMO with /adv to complete the task

Above is brief only to get an idea.


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techgyanAuthor Commented:
My Bangalore location server not able to connect mumbai domain
Before you do all these.. you need to make sure that you are able to ping your mumbai and banglore locations... If you are unable to ping... contact the network engineer to configure you lan which allows to communicate with your other brances (mumbai and banglore). Once this is done.. you can configure ADC for new location.. start > dcpromo.. follow the wizard..
There should be connectivity then only you can progress.
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