Where does the ASA hold logs for Top usage stats

I have an ASA that has no syslogging setup as yet. Despite this, I can go in and look at top usage stats for the last 24 hours on the Firewall dashboard.
Where does the ASA hold the logs for these stats?
If I go to logging to look at the buffer, it only seems to hold logs for the previous 30 seconds.
What I need is to be a ble to look at the raw logs that produce these stats.
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sherryfitzgroupConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
You have to configure the logs to go to one of the following.

Sending Syslog Messages to an SNMP Server

•Sending Syslog Messages to a Syslog Server

•Sending Syslog Messages to the Console Port

•Sending Syslog Messages to an E-mail Address

•Sending Syslog Messages to ASDM

•Sending Syslog Messages to a Telnet or SSH Session

•Sending Syslog Messages to the Internal Log Buffer

•Sending All Syslog Messages in a Class to a Specified location...

Fundalk .....
Hello ;

here's a white paper on how to configure logging on ASA Firewalls.

hope it helps
let me know about it
sherryfitzgroupAuthor Commented:
I know how to setup logging, but I'm wondering where are the top usage stats pulled from?
sherryfitzgroupAuthor Commented:
Spot on fundalk
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