VPN connection keeps on disconnecting and not reconnecting.

One of the router at the remote office is connected to my office in London. The VPN connection from remote office to london keeps on disconnecting and cannot reconnect unless the connection is forced on the router or router is rebooted. A new router is sent to the remote office but the problem persists. The router we have is cisco 1811.

I am asked to investigate the possible problems with it.

Can any one help??
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raysonleeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
wr term
Look for the line:
cry isakmp keep ...
Have you set keepalive for the VPN?
crypto isakmp keepalive 30
shakeelsaleemAuthor Commented:
how do we check if keep alive has been set up... I dont have access to the router as yet but will have it tomorrow..
shakeelsaleemAuthor Commented:
ok will do that.. thanks...
I ll reply you tommorw after checking this...
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