Windows application .net c# thread structure


Building a new application as a windows form using .net c#.

Most of my code has been .net c# website building so windows forms are a mystery, especially threads!

Application checks a table for new records being added every 5 minutes and if it finds a new record it does find a new records it runs a process and updates the form interface.

Would like the interface to be updated every 5 minutes to show application still working even if no new records.

Hope I have made that clear.

Before start I wonder if somebody could help with structure of code in the windows form


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What you're looking for is the BackgroundWorker class (

The "backgroundWorker1_DoWork" method will check the database, call a method to update the form, and then sleep for 5 minutes.
stephenwildeAuthor Commented:
thank you -sorry for delay in replying to your speedy response
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