Business Contact Manager corrupt database

I have a client who uses Business Contact Manager.  The database resides on his PC and is shared with 2 other users.  He can't add a record because it reports that he's exceeded the maximum size of 4GB (SQL Express limitation).  However, the file size is 3.4GB.  
If I select Manage Databases / Check for Errors, it returns with a message there is a problem with the data file and we need to restore.  
The most recent backup is a couple days old and it would be painful to lose those couple of days worth of data.
Does anyone have any suggestions?
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under the control panel-add remove programes,  click BCM and then modify...let it try to repair the install

Just to clarify the solution, this is what I did when i faced this kind of issue:

I was getting errors trying to uninstall .net framework so I ran the .net framework removal tool at

I ran the tool in safemode because the computer was running very sow in normal mode, the removal tool does not use MS Installer so it will run fine in safemode but you will have to reboot into normal mode to reinstall .Net framework. I

after rebooting I installed .NET framework, all versions up to 3.5, I did not install 4.0 because it was not installed prior. I installed them in sequence and made sure to reboot when prompted. Also, after reboot I would sometimes get an error that the installer service was already running. I opened task manager and confirmed that there were 2 msiexec processes and both were hitting the cpu, so I let them finish. This is important, do not kill the msiexec process when it is running silently in the background. Just wait until it lets you continue with the next version and then repeat.

  After I had installed all .net framework packages up to 3.5, I launched Outlook, it took a minute or two of suspense before it had opened with success and I quickly exported and backed up the database and then checked it for errors. I am just glad it wasn't a database problem. I believe the whole problem was corrupted .net framework caused by his old Norton AV software and a recent Interpolarity update caused BCM to stop functioning
What version of SQL express?
rickmillsPresidentAuthor Commented:
Sorry, I should have mentioned that.  2008.
I've restored copies of the MDF and LDF files back 2 weeks and I still get the error message telling me I need to restore.
Are there any other databases attached to SQL instance?
rickmillsPresidentAuthor Commented:
No.  BCM is the only SQL app on this computer.
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