need a suggestion of a player which can be easily customised

i have a requirement where admin will be adding urls of his youtube videos to the database.
in frontend I need something really cool, and fancy – where it has little thumbnails on front for each video and they can slide into each other.

pls help with suggestions....
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You can get thumbnails from a Google API"+escape(SEARC_STRING)+"&aq=f&start-index=" + PAGE_INDEX;


var _httpSearch:HTTPService = new HTTPService();
_httpSearch.resultFormat = 'e4x';
_httpSearch.showBusyCursor = true;
_httpSearch.addEventListener(ResultEvent.RESULT, onSearchResult);
_httpSearch.url = " Wars&aq=f&start-index=1";

function onSearchResult( event:ResultEvent ) : void {
      var movies:Array = [];
      for each( var entry:XML in event.result..entry ) {
            var group:XML =[0];
            var movieID:String = group.player.@url.split( /=/ )[1];
            movies.push( {
                  thumbnail:group.thumbnail[0].@url.toString() } );

codeoxygenAuthor Commented:
is this possible thru php ?
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