MAC cannot see LAN printer location


We have the following issue:
On our network we have printers (HP and Ricoh) installed on the DC and shared for use on to other laptops. All the printer were setup with location info (so we can distinguish, some printers are the same model) When adding a printer on any Windows machine, the model shows and the location in brackets. However, on any MAC the location does not show up, only the model and some code in brackets.
Is there any way to have the location show up as with the Windows machines?

We have searched for an answer but could not find a solution, hope EE can help!!


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hdhondtConnect With a Mentor Commented:
As far as I know the Mac does not show printer location.
I would invest in a mac server hand have your printers sharing from that for your mac clients, i know this is doubling resources but works reliably. Also gives you the ability to lock down your mac clients better.
Sector5Author Commented:
Thanx, but not entirely related to the question. We want to be able to (if possible) see the location of the printers like we do when using a Windows OS.
HP CP 3505 (near boardroom)
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Sector5Author Commented:
It'll be a pity that such a great product cannot perform such a simple task.
Sector5Author Commented:
Update: We notice that when in printer properties, the location is displayed, but if you want to print a doc and click on print, in the drop down printer selection list, it shows the code instead of the location (this becomes confusing for users if you have more than one printer of the same model at different locations)
I don't know how you can do it on a universal basis, but if a particular user wants to identify a printer, all they need to do is to go into the Printer Setup tab in the Print Queue utility and change the name of the printer to something more descriptive. The new name will then show up in the print dialogue box from then on.
Sector5Author Commented:
not really a solution persé, but better answer than the rest, missing the pot completely.
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