Outlook Calendar, Meeting Invitations rerouting

Exchange 2010 sp1
Outlook 2010

2 Executives
1 Executive Assistant

Exec Asst. wants to recieve meeting invitations INSTEAD of having them go to the Exec.s so that she can manage their calendars/meetings for them.

Can this be done?  If so how?

If not ... Can it be set so that the Exec. Asst. gets the invitation as well & have this person's answer take effect?

(example: Exec. gets invitation, Asst. gets same invite or sees it and can answer on behalf of the Exec?)

Again How?
Who is Participating?
Hello alexianit,

This is pretty easy from the Exec outlook do the following steps.

1- Click File in the upper left.

2- Click on the account settings in the middle pane and choose "Delegate Access:

3- Click the Add Button and find the Exec asst name and choose it.

4- modify the permission you want to give to the asst from a popup window fro Calendar, tasks, inbox etc according to you requierments.

Now you are done with the Exec outlook.

From the Exec asst machine do the following to add the account for the Exec

1- open control panel.

2- Click Mail.

3- Click E-mail accounts.

4- Click new.

5- choose "Manually Configure Server Settings or additional server types" then click next.

6- choose "Microsoft exchange or compatible service" then click next.

7- enter the server name and the Exec user name then hit check names then click next.

8- continue then finish and then open Exec asst outlook then you can see everything for the Exec mailbox according the permission you already assigned in his outlook.

if you still need please please don't hesitate to contact me back.

Best Regards,


Solutions Expert Engineer

Check the steps here:

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