How do I fix a 315 event, 2114 error code on Windows 7

How do I fix a 315 event, 2114 error code on Windows 7? I am dealing with a Brother MFC J615W AiO  it is a local AiO. The Fax/ Phone line is a VoIP with LUS Fiber( Lafayette Utility Services) Lafayette LA.  A fax is is required to be sent every few days. Sometimes noproblems to send fax; sometimes impossible to send Fax. No problems reported on normal printing jobs.
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the error 315 seems to point to a dns error, or maybe the file is already open
is this wireless or wired?
Could be a drop in the internet if wireless?
Is this your printer?
Network Protocol Support IPv 4
check your network protocols
open the network icon on your taskbar, go to Network sharing center
on the left panel>open change advanced sharing settings
SeastangAuthor Commented:
Hi Merete,
Thank you for your responce. I was begining wonder it anyone had any ideas where to begin.
I'm going to be at the printer about 2pm US Central Time. I have looked at the links you sent. Yes, it is the Brother MFC J615W compact inkjet AiO. It is set up as a local machine using a USB Cable. All but the Fax functions work. I will let you know about the IPv 4 that sounds like it could be a issue with the VoIP phone line if it is VoIP IPv6. Which also make me think that there may be some settings that need to be changed in the fiber optic ISP.

Thanks again you got me rolling
SeastangAuthor Commented:
The Direction that Merete put me on the right track With the DNS being the issue so I called the ISP talked with a tec about the issue. He updated the protocals for the VoIP and now the fax is working great.

That's great, and thanks Seastang
 happy to know I helped you in a small way that lead to a solution.
Regards Merete
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