Notebook Purchase

I am looking to purchase two notebooks.  

The first will be used mainly for internet use.  

The second will be used with the iSeries Access program for AS400 work, Microsoft Office and the Internet.  Can you reccomend a good fast notebook?

Thank you.
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David-HowardConnect With a Mentor Commented:
We primarily use Lenovo's and have had great success with one exception. The T410S model has a known inverter issue. At times the screens go black or are lined. The T420S models that we are currently using don't seem to have any issues. 2.5Ghz CPU with 4G or RAM. They can handle (and do) graphic and cpu intensive software such as AutoCad, etc.
All Lenovo laptop series/available models are listed here with pricing and component descriptions.
I like Lenovo notebooks for the most part.

If you need only a device for the Interent only, then perhaps a tablet.

Is portability a requirement?
How about price range?

sandyveAuthor Commented:
The first one for internet use - portability would be a requirement and a good wireless system.

The second one - portability is not so much an issue.

Price Range for both - Mid range
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PlantwizConnect With a Mentor Commented:

As far as wireless being 'good' that is relative (802.11x).  What type of service do you have currently?  Do you have b/g?  do you maybe have 802.11n.  So you'll find most notebooks and tablets of the past serveral years will handle b/d and many today will handle n, but if you have a ton of additional interference in the area, the type of card installed won't matter much.  Point being, I don't think this is your biggest area of concern...most devices out-of-the-box today will be completely adequate.

The tablets in the above link are good.

If you are able, get to a local store and compare the Lenovo products to say iPads, Xooms, etc..

And it sounds like your budget is in good order, agani, most devices today are priced competitvely and great buys can be had for $1000 US or less.
>>  a good fast notebook  <<   a bit contradictory, since msot notebooks have slow disks - BUT you can install an SSD drive to speed things up; and increase the RAM to 6 or 8 GB
sandyveAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the good advice everyone!
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