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I am acronis back and recovery 10. I backup my partitions, when is the job finished, it gives me completed with warning:
"Pending operation 144started: saving partition structure"
"Task "Full Backup" changed its state from 'running to idle"
"Task Full Backup succeses with warnings"

Should I be concern about the integrity of my backup?
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Have you attempted to run a recovery to test your data?

I'll confirm the codes, but frequently I find people are good at doing the backups, but never try to reload data (errors or not).
It looks as though you may have a device or file not available during the backup process.  I'll continue to review this, but do you know if your backups are run during a time when all resources are available to the backup process (i.e. members are not using devices, files, etc...)
officertangoAuthor Commented:
Would you test restore to another server or just run data integrity of the backup? I do not have a spare server to test restore.
I suppose an integrity check would be ok to start, but very soon, I would recommend a full restore.

1.  You need to know how to do it (before a crisis)
2. The first attempt at a full restore, shouldn't be during a crisis.   Because, what's the point of doing backups, if when they are needed, they cannot be used and the resolution becomes...ah scrape it and start over (and that's a little dramatic, but seriously...the back needs to work without a doubt).

I'd recommend you (if you can) invest in some spare drives and rebuilt the current server(s) over the weekend to confirm you can and your backups work...then put the original drives back in.

I've been looking through the Acronis forums and it seems that a service or device is off during your backup that the backup thinks needs to be on.

Have you tried contacting your Acronis rep about the matter?
officertangoAuthor Commented:
I would but don't have support. How hard is to restore
To different server hardware. Do you have a doc or steps
To restore to different hardware?


Sorry, I misunderstood and thought you were the backup admin.

The process itself is not difficult, however, this may not be the best task to undertake on live equipment if you have not done anything like it previously.

The hardware doesn't need to be different, simply acquire the same or similar drives.  And if you have Acronis True Image you could do the install on completely different hardward (and brand).  However, a HDD is a HDD (for the most part).

And if your rep won't assist you, perhaps try their forums.  Or, did you somehow purchase without a rep to assist you?


To run a test, one has a valid backup copy of the data. (in this case, your HDDs would double as your backup).

Power down the equipment.
Replace your drives.
Deploy your backup images and data.  If you don't have images, you'll need to reload the NOS and go from there.


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