backup exec 2010 restoring to alternate location

hello all

i have a backup of some data from a server and want to restore to a new server, simple enough question is will the permissions remain or place or will they all need readding.
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michealgibson_prolinxConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The answer for this question is the same as doing any restore; you can choose.

When you open up the Wizard for the restore, go to the General options (Under Settings) and in the "Restoring Security Information" you can choose if you want to restore the files and their permissions, just the permissions or just the files without their permissions.

I'm using Backup Exec 2010 as an example (older versions may have the options in a slightly different area but they will be there.)
it will restore any explicit permission on files and folders, but any share permissions will be lost. You will need to take note of these and when you reshare the folders on the new server then apply the ame permissions.
Backup Exec will restore the permissions but if you restore onto a new domain then the permissions for the folders and files will need to be recreated from scratch. Also as Elwin3 said you would need to re-share and add permissions to the shares again.
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