Citrix MetaFrame licenses needed

We've been happily using Citrix MetaFrame XP sp3 on a Windows 2000 server for years.  No problems and it fits the needs of our small company (approx 125 employees, 10 Citrix users).  Ownership has decided to add a couple of branch locations and would like to bring them in via Citrix.

Here's my problem. real growth was never planned and we only have 5 additional licenses.  Anybody have an idea where I could get more without having to jump up to the latest flavor of Citrix and M$ server packages?  IT budget isn't very robust.  Any ideas/suggestions appreciated.
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Citrix licenses aren't based on version but instead on date.  You should be able to purchase the licenses you need regardless of the Citrix product version you are using.

But ... so long as you're going to be adding users to your current farm, think about upgrading to a newer version.  Not only is Citrix MetaFrame XP not supported, but neither is Windows 2000.  That could leave you between a rock and a hard place if you experience any issues.
plt63640Author Commented:
Just needed confirmation on whether Citrix licenses were "backward compatible," and it appears that they are.  Will have to cross the end of life Windows 2000 when it no longer is able to support other apps we have and revenue is sufficient to allow for purchases :(  Thanks for quick reply!
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