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ASP.NET C# 3.5 : How will I use .mov files?


   I am working with ASP.NET C# 3.5 web applications. I have a FAQ.aspx page in my web application. And in this page I have 25 questions.

   I have 26 .mov files in my application server hard disk.
   (i.e.) 25 individual answers for 25 questions- 25 .mov files and 1 .mov file that contans introduction, 25 questions and answers like that.
    The .mov files names lile FAQ1.mov, FAQ2.mov, FAQ3.mov, ..., FAQ25.mov and FAQAll.mov. (These files contains voice and animations.)

   My requirment is:
   (1) If the end-user clicks on FAQ link, the FAQ.aspx page need to display 25 questions in the right side and the left side the FAQAll.mov file need to play from begining.

   (2) If the user clicks on the left side FAQAll.mov file, then the movie need to pause. But at the second click it need to continue the play.

   (3) If the user clicks on any of the question, then the left side FAQAll.mov need to pause automatically. Then a new popup need to come, there the corresponding .mov file need to play.

   (4) In the popup also, if the user clicks on the video, then the moive need to pause and at the second click it need to contiue the play.

   (5) Replay button also need to show after the completion of play.

   (6) Can we avoid the video download from our web application?

   (7) Page Loading and Buffering should be fastest.

   I am new to this area. So, please give me detailed explanation and sample code.
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1 Solution
You can have commercial player fitting to all your needs like FlowPlayer.

They also have a GPL Version, so you can try during development.
FlowPlayer has a Javascript API, so you can control when and how a video is played.

The "click" to play & "click" to pause, they support out of the box.
I really like FlowPlayer and use it a lot.

They have a lot of samples on the page, so you can more or less pick the one that fits your needs and do not have much to do with customization (though you can do a lot of stuff if you want to)

hope that helps
chrisdtrinityphysiciansAuthor Commented:
Hi Pryrates,

This is the folde and file structure I used in my solution..aspx page code and the doubt part is marked as red box.
Project runtime output part 1
   Really I am happy with your comments. I reffered the links http://flowplayer.org/plugins/streaming/secure.html and http://flowplayer.org/demos/plugins/streaming/secure-streaming.htm. And tried with the same coding, I got error? I don't know what is the error? Please find the 4 attachements and help me. I am totally new to this area.

  I can;t understand, how will I use timestamp, token and baseUrl? Please explain these detaily.
timestamp and  token are used to calculate a hash. The hashvalue corresponds to a server path where the video is stored. That will masquerade the path to the server a little (of course if it is stored in the script file everyone can recalculate the hash and find your video)
BaseUrl is the base url to your server where the player should start looking for your video to play. The has value is appended to the base url.

The error message says: video not found ;)
If I where you I would not try to establish a masqueraded connection to the video file, but include a more or less simple uplink to the video player first to look if it works for you at all.

This one works pretty well here. I just added that piece of source to your FPStudyPage.aspx:
<br />
<br />Simple player:
<a href="/FlowPlayerFiles/Videos/Lady_Dr_new_v34.swf" style="display:block;width:425px;height:300px;" id="player5">
	<img src="/FlowPlayerFiles/Images/flow_eye.jpg" alt="Search engine friendly content" />
<div id="info"></div>
<script language="JavaScript">
			    src: '/FlowPlayerFiles/SWF/flowplayer-3.2.7.swf',
			version: [9, 115],
			onFail: function()  {
			document.getElementById("info").innerHTML =
				"You need the latest Flash version to see MP4 movies. " +
				"Your version is " + this.getVersion();
			},{clip: { 

Open in new window


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chrisdtrinityphysiciansAuthor Commented:
Hi Pryrates,

Output 1. SuccessOutput 2. Success... I need some more modifications.
   Thankyou so much for your immediate and fine response. Really I am happy and I am getting the video outputs, please find the attachments. But I want to clarify something with you.

   (1) In the code, at javasctipt part, I can see the line "version: [9, 115],". Can you explain this?
   (2) Simillarly I can see the lines
                        {clip: {
         Can you explain this? autoBuffering : I can understand. But if I set the autoPlay:true, I can't see any differnce in the output. If I give true or false in autoplay, I am getting the output only after clicking on PLAY button on eye image. So please can you explain this?
   (3) In some pages, the video need to play after clicking play button (as like now), in some pages, it need to play automaticaly. Is it possible? How?
   (4) The view source is giving clear direct video url. But our videos are private and confidental. So can I hide the actual url form view source?
   (5) The play again button is always displaying. This button need to display only completion of one play round. How?
   (6) The pause and play actions need to work on each alternate clicks on player like youtue? Is it possible? (I am using free version)
   (7) The seek bar and time is not working. This need to work like youtube. How?
(1) Minimum flash player version a user has to have installed on her client

(2)/(3) autoplay works fine - remove the "image" within the anchor and the video will play at once if you set autoplay:true.

(4) not with the given sample.

(5)/(6)/(7) if the video is a little longer than in your sample it would ;) Tried it with a 5 minute sample (84 MB).
chrisdtrinityphysiciansAuthor Commented:
Hi Pryrates,

      Thanks for your immediate reply.

Your comments for (1) & (2) / (3) are understandable to me. And for (4) I will open another one new post, becuase that also required to me.

Now come to the points (5)/(6)/(7), you told that if I use the bigger size (approximate 84 MB) file then I will get the seek bar, proper play again, ... etc.


My question is, the attached  file also has some duration (approximately 15 seconds), can I implement the steps (5)/(6)/(7) for this file? For that what are the steps I need to do? Please help me...
I guess I know where the problem is.
I do not get proper seek bar etc. even if I use the video you sent me that is much longer than the last one. I guess there is a problem flash player playing flash files... hmmmm ...

I use flv files myself for some videos, but those are flash-video.containers and not shockwave-files.

Anyway - you stated in your question that you want to use .mov files to be played with the player.
Have you tried those?

Concerning swf and flowplayer have a look here:


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