Watchguard SSL MUVPN Cannot connect to terminal server

I have setup one of my users to dial into our network using Watchguards SSL MUVPN.
We Have an XTM 505 using system manager 11.4. Our client machine is windows 7 professional. the client connects ok and shows an allow response to rdp/tcp traffic , netbios-ns/udp traffic, ntp/udp , loc-srv/tcp  traffic the user can log into all the resources on the network except annoyingly the one piece of infrastructure they need to access - i.e. the terminal server. No denies are shown in the WG log but the Remote desktop connection is refused. I can connect to the terminal server with the same profile using the standard MUVPN client.  We have 75 SSL Client licences which we will not be able to use if I cannot resolve this issue.

Any help would be much  appreciated.
Thanks for  viewing this article.

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If client is accessible through MUVPN then I would doubt the policy allowing access to SSL client being the culprit.
Another thing to check would be the IP subnet of the client when they connect through MUVPN and through SSL; if different then check does this cause different firewall policies to get enforced.

Please provide details on both above and we can assist you further.

Thank you.
Read>>> If client is accessible through MUVPN
as>>>> If terminal server is accessible through MUVPN
You could enable logging for allowed packets on the "any rule" for ssl, this way you can see if rdp is coming through.
to enable: open policy-->>properties-->logging-->chck the "log allowed packets" thick
rabpwh1000Author Commented:
Thanks for taking the time to help me with this one. The problem was related to an old mcafee SaaS firewall rule being inadvertently left on the system.

Thanks again guys - your comments helped me greatly
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