How do I troubleshoot Outlook Calendar appointment date/time problems?

I have an executive administrator who've sent out a calendar request for Wednesday starting at 1:00PM going till Thursday 5:30PM.  This request went out to 7 recipeints.  All of them accepted, but in their calendars 4 of them it shows exactly as she sent it, 2 of them it showing up as Wednesday 11PM to Friday 11PM and the last person it shows all day events for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.  I've checked the date and time on all the computers and it is correct.
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ssaverConnect With a Mentor Commented:
not sure but check the Time zone setting on the users calendar in the option > calendar section two of the user may have the wrong time zone set for thier calendars. I know I have this issue when users come back from overseas and forget to rest thier timezone in the calander. As for the open who is showing all day not sure, hope this helps.
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