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I enabled Barcoding on one of the list in Sharepoint by going to Settings> Information Management Policy Settings > .. . There were already some list items in the list and as soon as I enabled barcoding, unique barcodes were assigned to each list item.

Now the other team doesn't want barcodes.. for now. So I disabled barcoding back. I thought disabling barcode would remove the 2 fields Barcode and Barcode Value from the list. But I still see Barcode field when I open a list item. The items still have a barcode. I checked out Content types - both barcode feilds are gone, but when I open views I still have an option to include it in view and it still appears in list items.

How do I get rid of Barcode completely ?

Thanks !
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Kyle AbrahamsSenior .Net DeveloperCommented:
put the barcode / value back into the list, then try to edit it.

Remove it from all records, then try to delete it.
Kyle AbrahamsSenior .Net DeveloperCommented:
Try deleting all of the values that have barcode in them.  It may not be able to remove it as long as there are values there.
pratz09Author Commented:
Hi ged325,

I am sorry, I am not sure if I understand what you mean by deleting values having barcode. When I view a list item, I can see the barcode and barcode below the image, but I am not able to edit/delete it. When I try to edit the item, Barcode/Barcode value doesn't even show up on edit item page.

From my initial research, it looks like barcodes are part of metadata of a list item. I think metadata should be in list item property. But I am not able to find a way to edit properties of list items.

pratz09Author Commented:
Once you enable barcoding, it becomes inherent part of list is not editable. You can disable it and stop sharepoint to generate barcodes for newly created list items from there on. To delete existing barcodes, there is no other way than to do it programmatically by creating list item object and then deleting barcode properties of the list item.
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