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I am busy with a project in Microsoft Project 2010 and am assigning resources in the form of people. These people are sub contracted and I wish to send them an automatic email of the tasks outlined in Project 2010 that they are responsible for. IE The deigner needsto complete a said Layout by X date and the task is outlined in Project 2010 but I want the system to send that task to him at a preset date with the information and duration.

Is this possible.
Thanks in Advance
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The implementation of Project Server 2010 is not trivial.  It needs to be installed on top of SharePoint Server 2010 (Enterprise Edition).  It also needs significant configuration efforts and user training.  Companies typically need an EPM consultant in order to do this.

You can find all the relevant documentation at this site:

If your organization manages several key projects that involve many people during a lengthy period of time, then I think Project Server is worth the investment.

If only one project is to be managed, then perhaps the other option (Project Professional + SharePoint Foundation) is more suitable to the task.  You can find more information about this functionality and how to use it here:

I hope this helps.
Can this sub contracted people access your intranet or extranet?

If yes, you can use Project Server 2010 or SharePoint Foundation 2010 to publish the task assignments from Project Professional 2010.  Are these options available to you?
BeastleyAuthor Commented:
I have access to that software, is it worth it though to install Project Server 2010 specifically for this purpose only. The project requires that many various departments and sub contractors over a fairly lengthy period be used, so should Project Server 2010 be a solution then I will implement it.

What steps should be taken or could you direct me to an online resource with the steps needed?

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Your task to send automated emails about Project details or Task status to resources is doable with Project Server.
Leopolde is right, its not easy to install  and configure Project Server 2010, but it is doable for someone who knows about the small traps as well as the Security Concept of this system (if you decide to implement one). You should be sure about the Infrastructure you want to run a system like this (Single Box or multiple server Farm?) for SharePoint & Project Server, Project Professional Client as well as the SQL Server. You also should be sure about the licensing of these components ( MICROSOFT licensing model). And last, but not least be sure that the effort of installation, configuration and customization is worth it and server based, tool supported EPM is what you want.
if you say, you just want to use it for ONE single project, no matter how big it is, better don't do it. The Effort and cost of such an Installation and basic configuration ( including Resources, RBS, various custom fields and their lookup tables) is about 1 to 2 Weeks minimum if you have a good consultant with technical experience on your side.

Without using Project Server, your task about sending emails to the external resources in your plan could maybe be done by a .vba macro or script what would be the more cost efficient solution and a workaround so far.

Good luck and I hope this helps you a bit.
BeastleyAuthor Commented:
Hi leopolde and Thomas,

I am going to go ahead with the installation of Sharepoint Foundation 2010 as this is very useful moving forward for other activities and business related functions.

Thank you for the assistance I have begun the process and am implementing SharePoint Foundation 2010 as we speak,

Sounds good to me.. most important thing is that you have a practical solution for your tasks and future business.

best regards

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