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problems with google dashboard

I am trying to modify some code for a google dashboard:  Here is the code:

function drawVisualization() {
  // Prepare the data
  var data = google.visualization.arrayToDataTable([
    ['Name', 'Gender', 'Age', 'Donuts eaten'],
    ['Michael' , 'Male', 12, 5],
    ['Elisa', 'Female', 20, 7],
    ['Robert', 'Male', 7, 3],
    ['John', 'Male', 54, 2],
    ['Jessica', 'Female', 22, 6],
    ['Aaron', 'Male', 3, 1],
    ['Margareth', 'Female', 42, 8],
    ['Miranda', 'Female', 33, 6]
  // Define a slider control for the Age column.
  var slider = new google.visualization.ControlWrapper({
    'controlType': 'NumberRangeFilter',
    'containerId': 'control1',
    'options': {
      'filterColumnLabel': 'Age',
    'ui': {'labelStacking': 'vertical'}

  // Define a category picker control for the Gender column
  var categoryPicker = new google.visualization.ControlWrapper({
    'controlType': 'CategoryFilter',
    'containerId': 'control2',
    'options': {
      'filterColumnLabel': 'Gender',
      'ui': {
      'labelStacking': 'vertical',
        'allowTyping': false,
        'allowMultiple': false

  // Define a Pie chart
  var pie = new google.visualization.ChartWrapper({
    'chartType': 'PieChart',
    'containerId': 'chart1',
    'options': {
      'width': 300,
      'height': 300,
      'legend': 'none',
      'title': 'Donuts eaten per person',
      'chartArea': {'left': 15, 'top': 15, 'right': 0, 'bottom': 0},
      'pieSliceText': 'label'
    // Instruct the piechart to use colums 0 (Name) and 3 (Donuts Eaten)
    // from the 'data' DataTable.
    'view': {'columns': [0, 3]}

  // Define a table
  var table = new google.visualization.ChartWrapper({
    'chartType': 'Table',
    'containerId': 'chart2',
    'options': {
      'width': '300px'

  // Create a dashboard
  new google.visualization.Dashboard(document.getElementById('dashboard')).
      // Establish bindings, declaring the both the slider and the category
      // picker will drive both charts.
      bind([slider, categoryPicker], [pie, table]).
      // Draw the entire dashboard.

my problem is that I want to replace the inputted data with a query from a google spreadsheet.

The code I need to put into the above code is listed below.  I keep getting errors when I put it in.  Please help, about to pull my hair out.

    function drawVisualization() {
      // To see the data that this visualization uses, browse to
      // http://spreadsheets.google.com/ccc?key=pCQbetd-CptGXxxQIG7VFIQ 
      var query = new google.visualization.Query(
      // Apply query language.
      query.setQuery('select C, E, F, G, H ');
      // Send the query with a callback function.
    function handleQueryResponse(response) {
      if (response.isError()) {
        alert('Error in query: ' + response.getMessage() + ' ' + response.getDetailedMessage());
      var data = response.getDataTable();
      visualization = new google.visualization.LineChart(document.getElementById('visualization'));
      visualization.draw(data, {legend: 'bottom'});

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1 Solution
jjackson2004Author Commented:
When I do a straight substitution (where I think it should go) I receive an error from firebug lite stating that data is not defined.
jjackson2004Author Commented:
Moderator:  I wish to delete this question please

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