One computer not connecting to network printers

Hi Experts,
I have 400 workstations in one OU.
One workstation can not connect to the network printers.
I can ping print server and even see the shared printers using net view servername

Error message I see on the workstation is properties cannot be displayed either the printer name was typed incorrrectly, or the specific printer has lost its connection

Even if I login with different user with more rights, same issue.
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Try removing and then re-adding the computer to the AD.

How are you deploying the printers to the computer?
Are you using a GPO?
Check whether the issue is network related.
Double check the IP/netmask to make sure that it does not fall out of range and might be prevented by a firewall if any dealing with cross segment communications.

Check the print server to make sure that there is no stale connection from this workstation which might explain the issue.
Lionel MMSmall Business IT ConsultantCommented:
Only 50 points?
dguandiqueAuthor Commented:
I tried removing the computer to the AD. This does not solve the issue.
Printers are added manually, not using AD to deploy them.
dguandiqueAuthor Commented:
Still a mistery.
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