Creating dojo mobile Views in code...this almost works...

I am building a mobile app using dojo and want to create my views in code (see snipit below).  My problem is that the views are all merging together instead of displaying separately.

Can anyone please guide me as to what I am missing.  I've tried to manually set one view as "hidden" but that seems to have to effect.  I am using IE 9.
//create main View

        var mainview = new{ id: "mainview", selected: true }, dojo.body());

        var heading = new{ label: "MarketWare" }).placeAt(mainview);
        var mainlist = new;
        var listitem1 = new{ label: "Database", icon: "/Images/Database32.png", moveTo: "database" }).placeAt(mainlist);
        var listitem2 = new{ label: "List", icon: "/Images/List32.png", moveTo: "lists" }).placeAt(mainlist);
        var listitem3 = new{ label: "History", icon: "/Images/History32.png", moveTo: "history" }).placeAt(mainlist);

        //create database view
        var database = new{ id: "database", selected: false }, dojo.body());

        var heading2 = new{ label: "Database",back:"Main",moveTo:"mainview" }).placeAt(database);
        var mainlist2 = new;
        var listitem21 = new{ label: "Company", moveTo: "company" }).placeAt(mainlist2);
        var listitem22 = new{ label: "Contact", moveTo: "contact" }).placeAt(mainlist2);
        var listitem23 = new{ label: "Issues",  moveTo: "issues" }).placeAt(mainlist2);

        mainview.startup(); = "hidden";

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leakim971Connect With a Mentor PluritechnicianCommented:
replace : var mainview = new{ id: "mainview", selected: true }, dojo.body());
by : var mainview = new{ id: "mainview", selected: true };

and add :
just before :

do the same thing for all view (database)

test page :
marketwareAuthor Commented:
Perfect!!!!!!!!!! Thank you.
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