Remote mailbox move 2010 with added complications....

OK, heres a good one for the EXPERT EXPERTS....

Here in the NHS there is NO root forest, does not exist in the AD sense.  Each "NHS Trust" creates a new domain that is the forest root.

So when Trust1 set up AD for the first time they set up a forest of When Trust2 set up they set up a new forest of All with NOBODY in either trust knowing anything about the other and there is no need for any communication between the 2.


Now I am asked to visit trust1 and try and do a cross forrest migration and move users and mailboxes from trust1 to trust2.  When I try, after creating the users manually in trust2 along with coppies of all the correct attributes, msExch..... cn, etc...  It fails with an error of

Missing switch/Parameter: RemoteOrganizationName

Or words to that effect, im OOF now but will correct if its slightly different later.  That parameter is listed as being a microsoft internal use switch.

Any idea how to proceed? Is the fact that both domains/forest end in going to be a BIG problem?


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Neil RussellTechnical Development LeadAsked:
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Neil RussellTechnical Development LeadAuthor Commented:
Not even Leew? :P
after creating the users manually in trust2 along with coppies of all the correct attributes, msExch..... cn, etc...

I really don't know what    "all the correct attributes, msExch..... cn, etc..."    means.

If the Trust2 Domain/Forest already has an Exchange Server then the user would be associated with that Exchange and it would be creating a clean new empty mailbox, that what you are doing?
Neil RussellTechnical Development LeadAuthor Commented:
We first create a new user in the target forest and follow the MS Technet guide on pre move set up as detailed in.....

If it we me,...granted, it's not me,...but if it were me,...I wouldn't even worry about an Exchange Migration.  I would just create new fresh empty mailboxes on the new system.  Then I would export the mail from the old boxes into PST files,...then import the PSTs into the new mailboxes afterwards independently.  The users will be completely functional with the new empty mailboxes, they just won't be able to see their "old" mail until you get that moved, you deal with the most critical users first.  There may be some users with no old mail or very little old mail that they probably don't really need anyway and they can just let it die.

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Neil RussellTechnical Development LeadAuthor Commented:
Were talking of 1000's of users unfortunately.
Were looking at several alternatives and talking to Quest as one possible anser. Another thought is creating a third domain.local forest and doing a three way migration but I dont fancy that :P

I'll close the question as EE keeps on reminding me its an open question but i'll post back at some point with further findings.

Thanks for your musings anyway :D

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